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Khorvaire’s Major Religions

The Sovereign Host: The Sovereign Host is the most widespread religion in all of Khorvaire (with the single exception of Thrane), with most people worshipping an individual Sovereign or the Host as a whole. The deities of the Sovereign host never create any manifestation of their powers, nor do they interfere with mortal, or even immortal conflicts. The Host generally stands for civilization and good and is opposed by the Dark Six.

The Dark Six: The Dark Six is the counterpoint to the Sovereign host. It typically is associated with darkness and evil. A notable exception amongst the ranks of the Six is the Traveler, a chaotic and whimsical trickster deity who is characterized as caring very little for the struggles of good and evil.

Church of the Silver Flame: The Silver Flame stands out from all the other religions of Eberron. Worshippers follow an unpersonified force of primal good and justice created in the Age of Demons by the thousands of souls of fallen Couatls, which had formed a union similar in nature and power to the Progenitor Wyrm Siberys. It operates under the singular Tenet of Purity: “Burn the corruption and taint of evil from all Eberron. Other gods began the Creation, but it is the Silver Flame, by searing wickedness and darkness from their imperfect world, that must complete it.” The seat of the Church is Flamekeep, the capital of Thrane. Members of the Church acknowledge and even venerate the Sovereigns and Druidical traditions, but believe that their new religion will be able to do better and will eventually replace all the existing ones.

Blood of Vol: Roughly 3000 years ago, a religion was started by the elven House Vol, which bore the Mark of Death. This religion viewed death not as a part of the natural cycle of life, but as an obstacle that could be conquered. Worshippers venerate the undead (particularly the intelligent undead like vampires). Clerics draw power from the Divinity Within, a concept representing the faith’s attempt to conquer death through self-empowerment. As far as anyone knows, the Church as a whole has no central leadership, instead operating in independent cells throughout Khorvaire. The Blood of Vol was a particularly popular religion in Karnath until recently, though it has been experiencing waning support.

The Undying Court: The elves of Aerenal believe that existence is a spiritual journey requiring far longer than a single lifetime to experience. The greatest honor for an elf is to be admitted into the Undying Court to watch over their descendants. To this end, most elves dedicate their lives to proving their worthiness for this honor. Some adopt the mannerisms or even the appearance of the deathless to better exonerate them.

Druidic Traditions of Khorvaire

At their base, all druids in Eberron worship and draw power directly from the Dragon Between. Each sect has its own unique, fundamental goal which can be summarized in a few words, the finer details usually left to be debated amongst elders when they become relevant.

The druidic traditions of eastern Khorvaire are smaller, but no less established. There is particular activity within the Talenta Plains and the elves of Valenar

Other Religions

Cult of the Lord of Blades: Within the blasted depths of the Mournlands, formerly the nation of Cyre, a Warforged known as the Lord of Blades is gathering an army of supporters. He believes that the Warforged are the next dominant species of Khorvaire, and plans to build a nation within the ruins of an old one, then lead it to war against the rest. He is a minor threat at the moment, but has been growing increasingly bold over the last years… It is unclear where clerics of the Cult draw their power from.

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