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The Age of Dragons

In the beginning, there was a time of great prosperity, overseen by the three progenitor wyrms: Khyber, Eberron, and Siberys. At some point, the three dragons either discovered or created the Draconic Prophecy, which governed everything that was to be. Khyber and Siberys fought over the Prophecy, and nearly destroyed their entire world. Before Khyber could deal the killing blow, Eberron separated the two wyrms and sealed them away. Eberron became a barren shell, trapping Khyber within. Siberys, now broken and dying, blessed the new world with life before becoming the crystalline Ring of Siberys, which eternally orbits Eberron. Khyber, not to be outdone, spat his curses on the world and brought forth the Rakshasa Rajahs and all the fiends and abberations the even today plague Eberron.

The Age of Demons

For millions of years, rajahs, demons, and night hags overran Eberron, creating a hellish environment anathemic to life.

Year -1.5 million: Dragons (previously feral) rediscover the Prophecy and quickly ascend to great heights of intellect and arcane power. Over the next 1.4 million years, the dragons and their couatl allies fight a long, bloody war against the demons, eventually sealing away or destroying the majority of them.

The Age of Giants

Year -80,000: the Dragons discovered the Giants of Xen’drik. The Giants learn the arcane secrets of the Dragons quickly and created previously unheard of wonders, while the “lesser races” of elves watched and learned from their enslavers’ heels.

Year -40,000: a gate to Dal Quor opens and an invasion sweeps the entire continent into war. The Giants turn to Draconic magic of epic proportions and annihilate half their continent. Their civilization crippled, the elven slaves of the giants rebel and gain the upper hand. The Giants turn to Draconic magic out of desperation but are destroyed by the dragons of Argonesson before they can use it again.

The Age of Monsters

Year -38,000: the Hobgoblin empire of Dhakaan begins to form. Contact is made with the Orc Tribes of the Shadow Marches and the island-continent of Aerenal is settled by elven refugees.

Year -16,000: the majority of Khorvaire is under Goblinoid control, with notable Orcish and Elven competition.

Year -9,000: Eberron becomes coterminous with Xoriat, the Plane of Madness. An invasion of creatures of pure madness is rebuked by a united front of Hobgoblin warrior heroes and Orcish Gatekeeper Druids. Nevertheless, the empire is fragmented and succumbs to infighting by Year -5000.

The Current Age

Year -3000 to -1400: Dragonmarks begin forming on all the major races. The Dragons of Argonesson are baffled by this but carefully, if grudgingly, observe the Prophecy unfurling amongst the “lesser” races.

Year -2900: Humans arrive on Khorvaire from Sarlona

Year -2500: the Mark of Death is eradicated.

Year -2400: the settlements which later become the 5 nations appear across Khorvaire.

Year -1900: Karrn the Conqueror drives back the remnants of the Dhakaani empire and founds Karrnath. He then unsuccessfully tries to conquer/unite the rest of the 5 nations.

Year -1400: Quori spirits follow the Kalashtar into the material world in Sarlona. A second wave of immigrants flees to Khorvaire.

Year -1400: the Dragonmarked houses launch the War of the Mark to eliminate the threat of aberrant and mixed marks. The Twelve is founded.

Year -20: King Galifar I of Karrnath begins his campaign to unite the Five Nations. He offers support to the Dragonmarked houses in exchange for their neutrality.

1 YK (Year since the founding of the Kingdom): the Kingdom of Galifar is founded by Galifar and his five scions: Aundair, Cyre, Brey, Karrn and Thrane.

300 YK: The Paladin Tira Mirnon receives a vision and a font of power from a couatl’s spirit. The Church of the Silver Flame is born.

789-845 YK: House Sivis begins operating its message services, the first lightning rails are constructed, and massive infrastructure projects improve the continent.

894 YK: King Jarlot, last of Galifar’s line dies. Rulers of the 5 nations fight over the succession and the century-long Last War begins.

965 YK: House Cannith perfects modern-day Warforged.

988 YK: The first Elemental Galleons are launched for House Lyrandar; field-tested models appear by 990 YK.

994 YK: Cyre is Destroyed, the Mournlands are created

996 YK: The Treaty of Thronehold officially ends the Last War. The four remaining great nations and many smaller countries are recognized as legitimate.

998 YK: The campaign begins…

Main Page >> Abbreviated History

Abbreviated History

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