Eberron: Ch.1 Political Theatre

Session 7:

Ch1: Political Theater


It’s been a few days. Stalbor and I have been collecting our thoughts, using my resources to come up with the next plan and laying low at my house while doing so. An idea strikes me and I… interrupted. There is a knock at the door. Maybe it’s Yoses or perhaps an elder of the house? I open the door slowly and see a half elf standing before me. She wants to come in and speak with me, a little cautious at first I finally let her in. She introduces herself as Kyrann and mentions that we could benefit one another with some information. As it turns out she is interested in the last couple of days of Daen’s life. I guess they were to be married and she knew he was getting into something over his head. She wants revenge for his death and believes that members of the theater house were to blame. She is of the same house as Daen, House d’Lyrandar. She tends to go on and on for a bit and really was quite rude. But we agree that there is a way for us to benefit one another. I am interested in finding out more about Daen, but we had a more pressing matter that needed to be handled first. Ryyk. I explain to both her and Stalbor the plan that I’ve come up with. We should speak to the goblin slaves and fight to get them their freedom in exchange for proper information on the whereabouts of Ryyk.
I go discuss and get the permission from my house. Upon getting the thumbs up I return to get Stalbor. When I open the door I get a sinking feeling. My stomach drops and I get filled with anxiety. And then I hear it. “Luka!” What have I done to deserve this. Nico standing before me, as arrogant as ever, why? He explains with his stupid face that he is checking up on me and has heard stories that I’ve been getting into trouble. Ugh. I stand my ground, put back a shot, and inform them all that we are going to speak with the goblins.

Upon speaking with them, I discovered that they plan on executing him as a public statement and that he could be in many different locations throughout the city. But one specifically caught my attention. An abandoned set of tunnels in the sky. If I were going to hold a prisoner that would be the place. The four of us set out to go investigate. Stalbor flies us up there with Odette’s disk. After circling a few times it turns out that we’ve grabbed the attention of the guard. I panic and quickly lie. It was much like when I was little and would get blamed for something Nico did. I’d always just try and get out of it, but I’d always get punished. Upon lying everyone else calls me out and we have to land to get ourselves situated. The guard demands to know what’s happening. That’s when Nico pulls out a pendant. I guess he is a freaking Marshal and he not only gets us out of the situation, but also has the guards find an old tunnel entrance. He thinks he soooooo smart. With his dumb face and stupid beard. Ugh. We go through a shop and find a hidden entrance to the tunnel which seems long since used.
We enter the tunnel and it is dark. Far to dark to really see much. Nico and I lead the way shields and swords at the ready. We don’t get too far before it’s too dark for us, and Stalbor actually has to take the lead. Stalbor says that there is a dead end, and then no. He says there is a fake wall blocking the way. Knowing how good some illusions can be I decide to cast a spell to detect magic. And yes, clearly the wall is indeed an illusion. I walk though it behind Stalbor and Nico with ease. We hear some noises down the end of the hall. It definitely seems like we are in the right spot. But where did Kyrann go? Ugh she never made it through the wall. I put my hand back through and try and pull her in. She just keeps going to the adjacent wall and seems to be getting frustrated. I can’t tell if she’s dumb or just new to this kind of magic, but she’s acting as a toddler would.

Quick Recap

  • We meet Kyrann and she has some attitude.
  • We agree to help eachother
  • Nico shows up facepalm
  • We all go to find Ryyk
  • Battle is about to happen.


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