Eberron: Ch.1 Political Theatre

Session 5:

Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap

  • We return to DAASK
  • Stalbor thinks he is Tarzan
  • We fuck shit up
  • Odette almost dies; again.
  • We prepare for a big baddy

After being attacked we knew we had to go back into the cogs to take on DAASK. We figured that we could be a bit of subtle about it this time, and boy we were wrong. Upon approaching the depths we decided to stealthily move forward to try and take out the archers that we saw stationed last time we were there. In doing so we had to cross over some undesirable terrain. It didn’t seem to unfavorable but that Stalbor… That Stalbor really can find a way to change everything up. He took an awkward step and started falling, creating a sinkhole that slowly was expanding. I threw him a rope and he grabbed onto it. I prepared to pull him up but I couldn’t summon the strength. Instead I held him there as long as I could. I was going to suggest Odette grab him on her vehicle, but just as the thought came to mind Ryyk decided he could jump past the sinkhole. facepalm Let’s just say it didn’t work out in his favor and he was holding on by just a finger. Odette swooped in and just as Ryyk was about to fall she saved his life. They are now all on the craft and so much for being subtle. I jump onto the flying disk and catch my footing. Not a second past when all of a sudden two arrows were flying our way. We got their attention. Stalbor drew power from his book and literally made one of the goblins jump off to his death. Ryyk quickly made waste of the other. We decided that while they likely knew we were here, we were best moving as quickly and stealthily through this cavern as possible.

While sneaking through the cave we came across a door. Ryyk decided to just walk right in and in so met face to face with some goblins. We didn’t want to talk it out so he just went right into attack mode. He went into the room and started tearing things apart. Odette joined him, but par usual didn’t do much other than distract and run around the room. Stalbor moved in and actually had some tactics! He kept up his end of the fight and actually did some work. I moved in and went right for the leader of the group. I went blow for blow with him, ignoring the other goblins which were like dogs biting at my ankles. Odette goes down again. She’s starting to look like me, well in the sense she is willing to put her life on the line. It takes us some time but we kill all the hobgoblins and other goblins. All but one. We feed Odette some potions we’ve found and they brought her back to her feet. She seemed disgusted by this potions but quickly grabbed another because the taste was terrible but the benefits outweigh the terrible taste. The one goblin left begged for his life and hopes we free him. We decide that we will let him remove the other “slaves” as he called it while we move in and take out the leaders of this rebellion. We hid the leader’s body in the bedroom and prepare to fight.



Daelric Daelric

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