Eberron: Ch.1 Political Theatre

Session 4:

Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap

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As a group, we’ve been all but discouraged. While Daen is dead and Yoses was attacked, we are looking deeply into these circumstances with some actual heart. We could all just disband and go back to the lives we’ve lived, but that’s not why I came to Sharn. It also won’t help me find out who is framing my family. We decide to wait for Yoses to reach out to us and to make a decision from there. A few days pass and she does. She reaches out to Odette who then sends for us. We arrange a meeting place and pursue it. Upon arrival meet Yoses. She was very timid. You could tell she was still shaken up by the attempt made on her life. She told us of a person to meet and explained what leads she had exactly. There is a goblin rebellion that goes by the name DAASK. They are possibly the ones responsible for this whole fiasco. We have to go to the Crimson Alley to meet the person who can tell us where this rebellion hides. Ryyk and I quickly find the woman meeting the description and follow her down an alley. She wants payment before saying anything. Of course Stalbor has the money on him and wouldn’t follow us. Typical Stalbor. We convince the woman to take 10 gold for 10 minutes so we can find them. Finally we find them with no time to spear, and guess where they are? Of all places Stalbor and Odette were in a dirty ol’ brothel. I didn’t know they were into that kinda thing. Anyway, after a bit of frantic chasing we get to the woman and exchange money for information.

We all have to go down into the cogs of the city, the lowest low. In order to do so Odette gets us a magical disk to travel on. We head downward into the cogs to find the base of these terrorists and in doing so we happened to stumble into their base. And by stumble I mean we had a bit of a crash landing. It was pitch dark but goblins started coming out of all the dark corners of this cave like environment. I quickly followed my instincts and made light work of the threats. More and more goblins came but we found ways to fight them off and get out of this godforsaken place.

We decide to go back to Stalbor’s place while we come up with a new plan for approaching this underground band of goblins. Ryyk knew that if we left we would be followed so we prepared for the fight once we got there. After talking for several minutes we were interrupted by the attack. They very strategically attacked from all angles and we came together and put them all down! But not without some cost. For the second time I’ve been knocked out by these goblinoids and even with my great fighting tactics I’ve not done my best. This has enlightened a fury in me and I will not let it happen again so easily.


Daelric Daelric

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