Eberron: Ch.1 Political Theatre

Session 3:

Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap

  • Daen was freaked out by a gaurd
  • He went to the rail and got himself killed
  • Team A went to examine his body
  • We found out he was assasinated by Elvish swords
  • Team 1 interrogated the prisoners we captured
  • Team 1 failed miserably
  • Time to get drunk with gold drangons!

Upon further investigation Daen seems to be freaking out. He has shouted me several lewd phrases at me as I questioned his issue with the guard. He then jumps lightly from the balcony to the ground beneath. I glance over the room quickly to see if I can find any evidence of foul play but to my surprise I just see some Daen’s fancier garbs. I go back to the balcony to call out to Ryyk but he is already speaking with Daen. Ryyk signals for me to come down and I do. Daen wants us to leave a message for our comrades and I quickly think otherwise. In no way do I want to be accused of anything I haven’t done. I do not give him the paper he requests. I hear the loud awkwardness that is Stalbor and quickly find my way under the balcony to hide. I hear the guard detaining Odette and Stalbor, however I am fairly confident in the law working correctly and Odette being able to handle herself. We allow Daen to leave even though he wants us to join; I refuse. We decide to follow Daen stealthily. But he easily gives us the slip down an alley way. Ryyk and I decide to wait at a tavern near by so that we lay low as we wait for Odette and Stalbor.

Somehow managing to find us, they join us at the tavern. I got pretty drunk, attempting to deal with the day we’ve had coming to an end, but we all find it best to just go our separate ways and Odette and I will speak to our houses to inform them of the tomfoolery occurring. The next morning I glance at the Korranberg Chronicle and the front page right in front of me headlines; Daen d’Lyander is dead. I work my way back to the tavern to meet the gang each of who have also seen that Daen is gone. We discuss what the best plan of action is, and we come to the conclusion that Stalbor and I will talk to my house and find a way to examine the corpse of Daen. Upon further investigation we find out that Daen was killed with precision by elvish short swords. We’ve got a lead.
Odette and Ryyk head to talk to the prisoners but after much discussion it has become clear that while the Hobgoblins might know something they also aren’t prepared to talk. In ses_3.png fact one of the goblins cut out his own tongue so he couldn’t be coerced into talking. We all meet back up at the tavern to discuss this of course, and come up with a new plan. We decide to find a tavern of Yoses’ house and hope she will reach out to us.


Daelric Daelric

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