Eberron: Ch.1 Political Theatre

Session 2:

Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap

  • We fought some Gobos.
  • Rescued a Gnome and Woman.
  • Went to confront Daen.
  • Odette won’t climb in a dress.
  • So she got caught by a gaurd.
  • Daen is being sketchy AF.

Today was a day like no other. Today my training has been put to the test. To save my family’s name, to help my comrades, and to neutralize the threat; that was my mission. While I made waste of these goblins I also took damage almost beyond repair. I’ve been knocked out before but not like this. I’ve now felt death knocking on my door step and I’ve realized how grateful I am for my training, as well as for Stalbor for saving my life. Upon waking up and patching myself up the scene of the battle started to come back to me. I am now able to remember it vividly. We waged war on the attackers and making a swift defeat of them, until some of the city guard turned on us. It seems like they were apart of it all along. Right after saving the little girl from a guard I went down. An arrow hit me in the shoulder and the last thing I remember is excruciating pain as a Hobgoblin arm reached around me and I blacked out. They tell me that the leader came out and that Odette took him down with some well placed hits involving magic of some sort, I hope that means she worked her rust off. She speaks as though she is a fighter of great skill and I am a little upset I haven’t gotten to see it.

Upon Stalbor nursing me back to my feet, we came across the women who we were sent to save. A human of house Cannith and a gnome of house Jorasco. We were informed the Gnome was a binder of her house and we wanted some answers as to why this happened to her. We accompanied them to Jorasco’s hospital like house to get these answers. While they were very grateful of our service they didn’t have any answers for us. We then thought of going to confront Daen as to see what he knew about this mission he had tasked us with. Upon going back to the theater we weren’t welcomed into the front door and almost gave up. Just when that happened a boy attempted to steal from Odette and we were in pursuit. As it turns out, he was actually sent to bring us to Daen as some sort of discrete means of communication. Upon getting there Ryyk and I climbed the side of the building up to a balcony in which looked into the room where Daen is staying. Ryyk and I went in to try and talk while Odette and Stalbor were caught by a guard and went back to the front of the building to gain entry. When we told Daen a guard was arriving he started to freak out and kept babbling on about leaving immediately. He began packing and mentioned taking the rail far away. Odette mentioned not trusting this man, and I don’t think any of us really have at this point.


Daelric Daelric

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