Eberron: Ch.1 Political Theatre

Session 1:

Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap:

  • We went to a show.
  • The headliner invited us to meet him backstage.
  • He was a douche canoe.
  • He hired us to do a job we all have a stake in.
  • We get there just as the woman we are to protect starts to be attacked

Mother acquired me a ticket to a show at Pyrohydra Hall. It is one of the best shows I’ve ever had a chance to attend. Upon arrival I found out that I had one of the best seats in the place. Whilst on the second balcony I saw General Gregor who actually knows my family. My brother specifically. He bought me some fine wine and I was on my way. I didn’t need to hear another story about how courageous my brother was. As the show started wonderful performances ensued. There were five total acts, all of which completely spoke of their performers. They all definitely put themselves into these performances and most were very respectable.

After the show we went to meet the acts, all of which seemed very pleasant. Well, all with the exception of Daen Lyrandar. He seemed quite full of himself with his performance. While true to himself, his act was poorly executed. Daen.png
It definitely didn’t resonate well with the crowd. I question his honor. Anyway, he invited a group of us to meet him. A spitfire Orien that seems to hold something against the world. An Elf of which might have been shaken as a baby but he seems to mean well. And a stoic hobgoblin whom I am sure has seen the battlefield many times. Personally after meeting him I wanted to leave, but he informed us of an issue in the city. We were informed a member of the house Cannith was to be attacked by some goblins and my family was to be framed. He offered us gold but I was just quick to help my family. We approached and found the victim of the attack in the knick of time. We are now here to defend her, a task I am willing to lay my life down for.


Daelric Daelric

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