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Daask is a Goblin terrorist organisation that operates out of Sharn.

According to the knowledge of Ryyk, Daask is a particularly old organisation that was thought to be previously eradicated by their own kind. They work out of the city of Sharn using old bases and tunnels made when the city was still under Hobgoblin control.

The Daask seek to return to an age of Hobgoblin superiority. This cause inspires many of the Hobgoblins and other Goblinoids in the city giving them a large force. The Daask even have many informants and members within the city guard. They believe in the old ways particularly taking to public executions of those against their cause. They are relatively infamous in the city of Sharn as a terrorist group, their exploits around the city known even going so far to try and attack the Skyway.

Goblinoids_-_Hobgoblin_01a.png Daask is made up of Goblinoids. Like most Goblin culture, Hobgoblins have the most authority while they use Bugbears for muscle and Goblins for labour and as meat shields. It’s also known that the Daask use semi-trained pterodactyls, most likely to navigate the city.

The party repeatedly attacked their large base hidden in the Cogs, the deepest and oldest part of Sharn. During the last attack Daask murdered Odette and kidnapped Ryyk. After this attack Daask retreated to their base in the Skyway to lick their wounds.


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