Eberron: Ch.1 Political Theatre

Session 8

I reach out to try and grab Kyrann. She’s got to make it through this damn wall. I grab her and pull her through but as I do i start to feel numb. I start hearing buzzing in my ears. It’s followed by white noise and then just blackness. It feels like an eternity and I awaken. A loud ringing boom is echoing though the cave. I open my eyes and I’m seeing double. My head feels as though I’ve spent the last three days on a bender and then got hit by the lightning rail. I somehow manage to my feet and pull myself to the closest wall. I only hear a loud ringing and the muffled sounds of what might be combat. It’s worrisome. I start moving deeper into the cave looking for any possible sign of my comrades. It takes several seconds for my vision to bounce back to not seeing double and the sight in front of me is intense. There is a freaking dinosaur attempting to attack my brother. As much as I’d like to say he deserves it I couldn’t bare to see him hurt. I reach for my sword and go to attack. I look down at my… hand axe? I guess I’m still not feeling right at this point. I hurl the axe at the dinosaur and make purchase with its neck. It drops instantly. I continue into combat and I’m not sure how effective I was. The headache is becoming overbearing and I need to take a moment to collect myself.

Wait I that Ryyk? Did we find him? Ugh I couldn’t really tell then all of a sudden I see him changing? Perhaps it wasn’t Ryyk. I’m not sure but he ran and jumped off a cliff. At this point I’m really confused. We do have a prisoner however and the party deems it a good idea for me to bring him to the local guard. So I do.
As I was escorting the goblin to the local authorities the ringing in my ears became a little louder. The pain was unbearable. I leaned forward and keeled over violently. I began to vomit in such a grotesque manor. Then the ringing in my ears faded out and I open my eyes to the guard picking me up. They ask me what’s happened and I become very confused. I tell them my story but they don’t seem to understand me at all. I close my eyes again and what feels like a second later I’m awakened in a hospital bed. This has a very dizzying effect on me. I vomit again. The nurses rush to my aid.
It’s a bit later and I’m informed that my comrades are also in this hospital. They’ve seemed to have saved Ryyk. Pleasantries aside, we all need to do some healing. It’s time to recover before we go any further.

h2. Quick Recap

* Kyrann knocks me the fuck out
* Even with a concussion I am still a badass
* We find out that “Ryyk” was a decoy and really a changling
* I go to escort a DAASK member to the authorities
* The rest of the party saves Ryyk.
* We all end up in the hospital


Daelric Daelric

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