Yosys Lanlin

A Gnomish Binder met in Sharn


Yoses was a small and unremarkable seeming Gnomish woman. Her size and stature was enough to easily mistake her for a young girl at first glance, but her eyes showed an age and soon an anxiety that betrayed that. She was a skilled yet anxious and troubled woman.


Yoses was a Gnomish woman from Zilago met in Sharn. She was a Binder, Gnomes who hold the secret knowledge that powers the elemental technology of Eberron. She was working closely with House Cannith which put her in harms way.

When the marketplace was attacked by Hobgoblin terrorists, working with the city guards, Yoses was one of the people targeted. During the hectic battle she was easily mistaken for a child which almost saved her life. After the attack in a Sharnish marketplace she reluctantly paid the party to protect her life and hunt the Hobgoblin group that wanted her dead.

With Daask’s main base of operations ransacked Yoses felt some safety again and paid the party, even going so far as to give them her gnomish enchanted dagger. She returned to the Gnomish city of Zilargo.

Yosys Lanlin

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