Ukreg Ghaal-dar

Leader of the Sharn Daask


Though not as tall as Ryyk, Ukreg is still a very large and imposing man. He stands well over 6’ and has a rather broad girth. With his deep and growling voice, he easily works through the common tongue. His mannerism is calm and his movements are with purpose. One look tells a tale of many battle fought, of many battle won. But what surprises most about Ukreg is how articulate he is.

He wears an armored kilt with bracers for defense, but is otherwise bare chested. At his side he keeps a warhammer. On his back (or in his hands) is a significantly larger hammer and a shield.


Not much is known. Simply that he seems to lead the Daask group in Sharn and that he captured Ryyk.

Ukreg Ghaal-dar

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