Daen d'Lyrandar

Greatest Pop Performer in all of Khorvaire


His light brown, nearly blonde hair was always in exactly the right place. This was the perfect capstone to a man who was as well kept as Daen was. He dressed in the finest clothes, wore the finest jewelry and are the finest meals. Through it all, you would find his piercing green eyes surveying everything around him, always searching for his next challenge,


Daen d’Lyrandar is the son of Halibar d’Lyrandar, the legendary sky captain. His father was renowned and respected in all but the most remote areas or Khorvaire. This cast a very large shadow that Daen thought he would never be able to step out from under. That was until the war ended. With the whole of the continent bleeding, Daen was able to offer aid like no other before. He took a small, barely known form of music, and popularized it across Khorvaire. With heavy beats, strobing lights, and happy-go-lucky (though often promiscuous) lyrics; his music was able to allow people to forget, even if only for a few moments, the horrors of the war. His talent was so great, that his name became more recognized, with certain demographics, than even his father’s. When things seemed like they couldn’t get better, House Phiarlan invited him to join them for a tour.

It was while he was under contract with Phiarlan that the party came across Daen. As a matter of fact, it was he who brought the party together in the first place. However, that may have been the worst decision he’d ever made. While trying to complete a task the were set out to handle, they got Daen in a bit of trouble. They didn’t seem to understand how or why he was in trouble, but he was freaking out notheless. For some reason he didn’t want those within the Theatre he was staying at to be aware he had hired the party. When he pleaded for them to aid him in escaping the place, his pleas fell on Deaf ears. While Ryyk seemed concerned, Luka d’Deneith did not share that sentiment. Annoyed that perhaps he was given the ‘run-a-round’ by a ‘man-child’, Luka let him run off to meet his fate, alone.

The next morning Daen’s body was found, dead, stripped of all his possessions, near the Lightning Rail station. It seems his was misfortunate enough to have been mugged on his way out of town.

Later found by Stalbor:

It seems as though Daen may not have been mugged. Inspecting his body closely, Stalbor discovered that the killing blow was in fact 2 extremely fine cuts in amazingly precise locations. The other cuts and bruises were added after the fact, possibly to cover up something more sinister….

Later added by Kyrann:

Apparently Daen was not always the way he seemed to the party. Apparently he was a kinder person than he came to reveal to others. Most the details Kyrann d’Lyrandar has kept to herself, however it seems as though she knows more about him. That would be appropriate seeing as they were not only childhood friends but also betrothed to be married.

Daen d'Lyrandar

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