Eberron: Ch.1 Political Theatre

Session 10

Ryyk is delivering a speech today. A very strong and unifying speech. It was truly a great set of words. The crowd might have no been fully emerged, but I sure was. I remember after this speech that in the cogs I found many hobgoblin weapons and that I think it’s the appropriate time to present them to their rightful owner, Ryyk. He accepts them graciously. Kyrann wanted us to peruse information about Daen’s death. She figured the best course of action would be to check out the black market to see if we can find some of his belongings. Stalbor, Ryyk, and I found nothing but she seemed to have founds a few things. Some clothing and a bracelet. They were fairly ornate, and them being in this market, must have fetched a high price.
Kyrann decides that it’s best to ask a favor of her family to fund the services of house Medani. She believes that they can help her most with moving forward with this search of Daen’s killer. They didn’t seem to be able to help much, but they led her to do some pondering. We decide that as a group we really do not have a place to stay, and should probably find a place that isn’t suspicious. We go there with intentions to get some more rest in an actually bed, and to come up with a better plan for the morning. The house had a very large dinner prepared for us. A cold horse dish? Ryyk seemed very enthused by this but to be honest it kinda turned my stomach. I decided to just go to bed hungry. I fall asleep very quickly. Im awakened to a very loud banging on my door and the voice of Kyrann wanting to come in. It seems urgent. I open the door just a crack to ask her what is going on. She bursts the door open and begins to go on about clothes. That’s when I realize, I’m not wearing any! I quickly cover up and throw on my closest pair of pants. Very respectfully Kyrann turns around. I can sense a bit of excitement to her. She is actually happy about something. This makes me smile. She explains that the clothes all have a special stitching in them, a secret language if you will and that she needs to get all of his clothes that were in his room at the theater.
We decide that we need to go to the theater house and ask if they still have the clothes. I’m doubtful they will or that they will be helpful but hey it’s worth a shot. Turns out I was right and it was a waste of a trip. We decide to go to the guard and see if they perhaps have the clothing Kyrann is looking for. The guard at the desk hints that they have an evidence room which may hold what we are looking for but we couldn’t see it without the proper paperwork. Kyrann seems to be getting a bit restless with this whole situation, but I’ve decided it’s time. I have an easy solution to this red tape but I realllllly don’t want to use it. Nico. I could just simply ask him for help and though every fiber in my being doesn’t want to, I understand it’s realistically the best option we have. He agrees to assist and we take our leave.


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