Eberron: Ch.1 Political Theatre

Session 10

Ryyk is delivering a speech today. A very strong and unifying speech. It was truly a great set of words. The crowd might have no been fully emerged, but I sure was. I remember after this speech that in the cogs I found many hobgoblin weapons and that I think it’s the appropriate time to present them to their rightful owner, Ryyk. He accepts them graciously. Kyrann wanted us to peruse information about Daen’s death. She figured the best course of action would be to check out the black market to see if we can find some of his belongings. Stalbor, Ryyk, and I found nothing but she seemed to have founds a few things. Some clothing and a bracelet. They were fairly ornate, and them being in this market, must have fetched a high price.
Kyrann decides that it’s best to ask a favor of her family to fund the services of house Medani. She believes that they can help her most with moving forward with this search of Daen’s killer. They didn’t seem to be able to help much, but they led her to do some pondering. We decide that as a group we really do not have a place to stay, and should probably find a place that isn’t suspicious. We go there with intentions to get some more rest in an actually bed, and to come up with a better plan for the morning. The house had a very large dinner prepared for us. A cold horse dish? Ryyk seemed very enthused by this but to be honest it kinda turned my stomach. I decided to just go to bed hungry. I fall asleep very quickly. Im awakened to a very loud banging on my door and the voice of Kyrann wanting to come in. It seems urgent. I open the door just a crack to ask her what is going on. She bursts the door open and begins to go on about clothes. That’s when I realize, I’m not wearing any! I quickly cover up and throw on my closest pair of pants. Very respectfully Kyrann turns around. I can sense a bit of excitement to her. She is actually happy about something. This makes me smile. She explains that the clothes all have a special stitching in them, a secret language if you will and that she needs to get all of his clothes that were in his room at the theater.
We decide that we need to go to the theater house and ask if they still have the clothes. I’m doubtful they will or that they will be helpful but hey it’s worth a shot. Turns out I was right and it was a waste of a trip. We decide to go to the guard and see if they perhaps have the clothing Kyrann is looking for. The guard at the desk hints that they have an evidence room which may hold what we are looking for but we couldn’t see it without the proper paperwork. Kyrann seems to be getting a bit restless with this whole situation, but I’ve decided it’s time. I have an easy solution to this red tape but I realllllly don’t want to use it. Nico. I could just simply ask him for help and though every fiber in my being doesn’t want to, I understand it’s realistically the best option we have. He agrees to assist and we take our leave.

Session 8

I reach out to try and grab Kyrann. She’s got to make it through this damn wall. I grab her and pull her through but as I do i start to feel numb. I start hearing buzzing in my ears. It’s followed by white noise and then just blackness. It feels like an eternity and I awaken. A loud ringing boom is echoing though the cave. I open my eyes and I’m seeing double. My head feels as though I’ve spent the last three days on a bender and then got hit by the lightning rail. I somehow manage to my feet and pull myself to the closest wall. I only hear a loud ringing and the muffled sounds of what might be combat. It’s worrisome. I start moving deeper into the cave looking for any possible sign of my comrades. It takes several seconds for my vision to bounce back to not seeing double and the sight in front of me is intense. There is a freaking dinosaur attempting to attack my brother. As much as I’d like to say he deserves it I couldn’t bare to see him hurt. I reach for my sword and go to attack. I look down at my… hand axe? I guess I’m still not feeling right at this point. I hurl the axe at the dinosaur and make purchase with its neck. It drops instantly. I continue into combat and I’m not sure how effective I was. The headache is becoming overbearing and I need to take a moment to collect myself.

Wait I that Ryyk? Did we find him? Ugh I couldn’t really tell then all of a sudden I see him changing? Perhaps it wasn’t Ryyk. I’m not sure but he ran and jumped off a cliff. At this point I’m really confused. We do have a prisoner however and the party deems it a good idea for me to bring him to the local guard. So I do.
As I was escorting the goblin to the local authorities the ringing in my ears became a little louder. The pain was unbearable. I leaned forward and keeled over violently. I began to vomit in such a grotesque manor. Then the ringing in my ears faded out and I open my eyes to the guard picking me up. They ask me what’s happened and I become very confused. I tell them my story but they don’t seem to understand me at all. I close my eyes again and what feels like a second later I’m awakened in a hospital bed. This has a very dizzying effect on me. I vomit again. The nurses rush to my aid.
It’s a bit later and I’m informed that my comrades are also in this hospital. They’ve seemed to have saved Ryyk. Pleasantries aside, we all need to do some healing. It’s time to recover before we go any further.

h2. Quick Recap

* Kyrann knocks me the fuck out
* Even with a concussion I am still a badass
* We find out that “Ryyk” was a decoy and really a changling
* I go to escort a DAASK member to the authorities
* The rest of the party saves Ryyk.
* We all end up in the hospital
The Real Fighter
Updated Weekly
  • Kyrran: Nothing. She’s stuck behind a wall…
  • Luka: 15 Kills; 1 lieutenant kill
  • Odette: 1 Kill; 2 lieutenant kill
  • Ryyk: 11 kills; 1 lieutenant kill
  • Stalbor: 9 Kill; 1 Lieutenant kill
Session 7:
Ch1: Political Theater


It’s been a few days. Stalbor and I have been collecting our thoughts, using my resources to come up with the next plan and laying low at my house while doing so. An idea strikes me and I… interrupted. There is a knock at the door. Maybe it’s Yoses or perhaps an elder of the house? I open the door slowly and see a half elf standing before me. She wants to come in and speak with me, a little cautious at first I finally let her in. She introduces herself as Kyrann and mentions that we could benefit one another with some information. As it turns out she is interested in the last couple of days of Daen’s life. I guess they were to be married and she knew he was getting into something over his head. She wants revenge for his death and believes that members of the theater house were to blame. She is of the same house as Daen, House d’Lyrandar. She tends to go on and on for a bit and really was quite rude. But we agree that there is a way for us to benefit one another. I am interested in finding out more about Daen, but we had a more pressing matter that needed to be handled first. Ryyk. I explain to both her and Stalbor the plan that I’ve come up with. We should speak to the goblin slaves and fight to get them their freedom in exchange for proper information on the whereabouts of Ryyk.
I go discuss and get the permission from my house. Upon getting the thumbs up I return to get Stalbor. When I open the door I get a sinking feeling. My stomach drops and I get filled with anxiety. And then I hear it. “Luka!” What have I done to deserve this. Nico standing before me, as arrogant as ever, why? He explains with his stupid face that he is checking up on me and has heard stories that I’ve been getting into trouble. Ugh. I stand my ground, put back a shot, and inform them all that we are going to speak with the goblins.

Upon speaking with them, I discovered that they plan on executing him as a public statement and that he could be in many different locations throughout the city. But one specifically caught my attention. An abandoned set of tunnels in the sky. If I were going to hold a prisoner that would be the place. The four of us set out to go investigate. Stalbor flies us up there with Odette’s disk. After circling a few times it turns out that we’ve grabbed the attention of the guard. I panic and quickly lie. It was much like when I was little and would get blamed for something Nico did. I’d always just try and get out of it, but I’d always get punished. Upon lying everyone else calls me out and we have to land to get ourselves situated. The guard demands to know what’s happening. That’s when Nico pulls out a pendant. I guess he is a freaking Marshal and he not only gets us out of the situation, but also has the guards find an old tunnel entrance. He thinks he soooooo smart. With his dumb face and stupid beard. Ugh. We go through a shop and find a hidden entrance to the tunnel which seems long since used.
We enter the tunnel and it is dark. Far to dark to really see much. Nico and I lead the way shields and swords at the ready. We don’t get too far before it’s too dark for us, and Stalbor actually has to take the lead. Stalbor says that there is a dead end, and then no. He says there is a fake wall blocking the way. Knowing how good some illusions can be I decide to cast a spell to detect magic. And yes, clearly the wall is indeed an illusion. I walk though it behind Stalbor and Nico with ease. We hear some noises down the end of the hall. It definitely seems like we are in the right spot. But where did Kyrann go? Ugh she never made it through the wall. I put my hand back through and try and pull her in. She just keeps going to the adjacent wall and seems to be getting frustrated. I can’t tell if she’s dumb or just new to this kind of magic, but she’s acting as a toddler would.

Quick Recap

  • We meet Kyrann and she has some attitude.
  • We agree to help eachother
  • Nico shows up facepalm
  • We all go to find Ryyk
  • Battle is about to happen.

Session 6:
Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap

  • Odette dies
  • Ryyk is taken
  • c’Mon Will, need more than this!!

Ode… It feels weird writing her name down. I don’t even know why or what I am writing down. I just can’t believe everything has gone so wrong. We had a plan. The plan made seemed like it would work. We weren’t prepared. We split up, the three of them on one side and me on the other. It was a good plan. They seemed to be dealing with a lot but then again so was I. The sounds of battle seemed to be underway and I was distracted with my own battle, but not too distracted to notice Ryyk go down. His falling caught my eye, and just long enough for me to take a hit and go down myself.

Silence. I’ve grown accustomed to complete silence. I wonder if some people dream when they are knocked down, or if they see a light. For me it’s utter silence and complete darkness. But distantly I hear that familiar voice. It’s her. She is yelling and frantic but I realize what she’s done. She has got me back. She broke the silence. Just as I come through and deal with the curdling of my belly, (damn these goblin potions) I see her. Odette falls. She risked her life helping me. Instinctively I rise to me feet and deal with blow after blow. I get a few good shots in but nothing well placed. In a bit of a panic I look for a distracting, maybe some flour to help me get away. Nothing. I swing one last time with all of my might and I don’t connect. It is my time and I accept it. I take one last look over at Odette and she doesn’t seem to be breathing. What have we done. Just as this goblin in front of me recklessly attacks, I swear I hear the faint sound of a bell. It’s familiar but also abstract. I can’t quite place it. Silence.

This time the silence lasted quite a while. I almost forgot what was happening. I finally woke up hours later. I reach for my sword and the first thing in front of me, ready to attack, ready to defend our group. It’s Stalbor. My tenseness slightly falls and one person comes to mind. Odette. She risked her life to save mine, we must save her. Wait but there she is, in the corner of this strange room. Stalbor lets me know he has done all he could, she can’t be saved. I lose control of my emotions and I become overwhelmed. I hate to say goodbye but I will do what I must. That’s when Stalbor says he knows of a spell that can bring her back. All of that anger and sadness turns into a tiny glimmer of hope. I tell him he must do it at any cost. He suggests that he has only done it once before and since has not ever obtained the power to do it again. Going from accepting a death, to hope for life is an amazing feeling, but having that feeling be crushed is worse than the original realization of death. Wait but what about Ryyk?

I contact my house about the issue and they are in complete support of me. I go find Stalbor and inform him that we have a safe place to stay. We go home and procure a bed and meal for the night. The next day we take men and move into the DAASK grounds. The only things left are some slaves that were beaten nearly to death, and some weapons. We didn’t find any plans or signs of where Ryyk may be. When Stalbor and I leave we are approached by a messenger and are informed to meet Yoses in the same spot we’ve always met her. We had a bit of an awkward conversation but we informed her that she shouldn’t worry about being on the radar of DAASK and instead that we were. We agreed that she should return home for a while and she insisted on paying us. She gave Stalbor a paper indicating we could take 4,000 gold from her bank account and she also presented me with the dagger that she once was prepared to use to protect herself.

Stalbor informs me that he has been taken prisoner by the Hobgoblins we were fighting. We must get him back. But first we have something to deal with. The owner of the shop comes in just as we are preparing to bring Odette to her house. He suggests that Stalbor looks like shit and needs to rest. And that he knows a guy who can bring Odette home. I insist that I join this guy in doing so. As it turns out, he was referring to me. He prepared Odettes body for travel and I begin travel to her house. Upon arriving I procure a meeting with an elder and just wait solemnly for her arrival. She invites me to speak and we both figure we should go somewhere private. We walk into the garden and as hard as it is for me to stomach, I inform the woman of the news. I bring Odette to a their morgue and upon examination it is determined to be her. Such a loss. I show myself out.


Session 5:
Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap

  • We return to DAASK
  • Stalbor thinks he is Tarzan
  • We fuck shit up
  • Odette almost dies; again.
  • We prepare for a big baddy

After being attacked we knew we had to go back into the cogs to take on DAASK. We figured that we could be a bit of subtle about it this time, and boy we were wrong. Upon approaching the depths we decided to stealthily move forward to try and take out the archers that we saw stationed last time we were there. In doing so we had to cross over some undesirable terrain. It didn’t seem to unfavorable but that Stalbor… That Stalbor really can find a way to change everything up. He took an awkward step and started falling, creating a sinkhole that slowly was expanding. I threw him a rope and he grabbed onto it. I prepared to pull him up but I couldn’t summon the strength. Instead I held him there as long as I could. I was going to suggest Odette grab him on her vehicle, but just as the thought came to mind Ryyk decided he could jump past the sinkhole. facepalm Let’s just say it didn’t work out in his favor and he was holding on by just a finger. Odette swooped in and just as Ryyk was about to fall she saved his life. They are now all on the craft and so much for being subtle. I jump onto the flying disk and catch my footing. Not a second past when all of a sudden two arrows were flying our way. We got their attention. Stalbor drew power from his book and literally made one of the goblins jump off to his death. Ryyk quickly made waste of the other. We decided that while they likely knew we were here, we were best moving as quickly and stealthily through this cavern as possible.

While sneaking through the cave we came across a door. Ryyk decided to just walk right in and in so met face to face with some goblins. We didn’t want to talk it out so he just went right into attack mode. He went into the room and started tearing things apart. Odette joined him, but par usual didn’t do much other than distract and run around the room. Stalbor moved in and actually had some tactics! He kept up his end of the fight and actually did some work. I moved in and went right for the leader of the group. I went blow for blow with him, ignoring the other goblins which were like dogs biting at my ankles. Odette goes down again. She’s starting to look like me, well in the sense she is willing to put her life on the line. It takes us some time but we kill all the hobgoblins and other goblins. All but one. We feed Odette some potions we’ve found and they brought her back to her feet. She seemed disgusted by this potions but quickly grabbed another because the taste was terrible but the benefits outweigh the terrible taste. The one goblin left begged for his life and hopes we free him. We decide that we will let him remove the other “slaves” as he called it while we move in and take out the leaders of this rebellion. We hid the leader’s body in the bedroom and prepare to fight.


Session 4:
Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap

  • No Quick recap
  • Will was too lazy to write one
  • Call him our to have fixed!

As a group, we’ve been all but discouraged. While Daen is dead and Yoses was attacked, we are looking deeply into these circumstances with some actual heart. We could all just disband and go back to the lives we’ve lived, but that’s not why I came to Sharn. It also won’t help me find out who is framing my family. We decide to wait for Yoses to reach out to us and to make a decision from there. A few days pass and she does. She reaches out to Odette who then sends for us. We arrange a meeting place and pursue it. Upon arrival meet Yoses. She was very timid. You could tell she was still shaken up by the attempt made on her life. She told us of a person to meet and explained what leads she had exactly. There is a goblin rebellion that goes by the name DAASK. They are possibly the ones responsible for this whole fiasco. We have to go to the Crimson Alley to meet the person who can tell us where this rebellion hides. Ryyk and I quickly find the woman meeting the description and follow her down an alley. She wants payment before saying anything. Of course Stalbor has the money on him and wouldn’t follow us. Typical Stalbor. We convince the woman to take 10 gold for 10 minutes so we can find them. Finally we find them with no time to spear, and guess where they are? Of all places Stalbor and Odette were in a dirty ol’ brothel. I didn’t know they were into that kinda thing. Anyway, after a bit of frantic chasing we get to the woman and exchange money for information.

We all have to go down into the cogs of the city, the lowest low. In order to do so Odette gets us a magical disk to travel on. We head downward into the cogs to find the base of these terrorists and in doing so we happened to stumble into their base. And by stumble I mean we had a bit of a crash landing. It was pitch dark but goblins started coming out of all the dark corners of this cave like environment. I quickly followed my instincts and made light work of the threats. More and more goblins came but we found ways to fight them off and get out of this godforsaken place.

We decide to go back to Stalbor’s place while we come up with a new plan for approaching this underground band of goblins. Ryyk knew that if we left we would be followed so we prepared for the fight once we got there. After talking for several minutes we were interrupted by the attack. They very strategically attacked from all angles and we came together and put them all down! But not without some cost. For the second time I’ve been knocked out by these goblinoids and even with my great fighting tactics I’ve not done my best. This has enlightened a fury in me and I will not let it happen again so easily.

Session 3:
Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap

  • Daen was freaked out by a gaurd
  • He went to the rail and got himself killed
  • Team A went to examine his body
  • We found out he was assasinated by Elvish swords
  • Team 1 interrogated the prisoners we captured
  • Team 1 failed miserably
  • Time to get drunk with gold drangons!

Upon further investigation Daen seems to be freaking out. He has shouted me several lewd phrases at me as I questioned his issue with the guard. He then jumps lightly from the balcony to the ground beneath. I glance over the room quickly to see if I can find any evidence of foul play but to my surprise I just see some Daen’s fancier garbs. I go back to the balcony to call out to Ryyk but he is already speaking with Daen. Ryyk signals for me to come down and I do. Daen wants us to leave a message for our comrades and I quickly think otherwise. In no way do I want to be accused of anything I haven’t done. I do not give him the paper he requests. I hear the loud awkwardness that is Stalbor and quickly find my way under the balcony to hide. I hear the guard detaining Odette and Stalbor, however I am fairly confident in the law working correctly and Odette being able to handle herself. We allow Daen to leave even though he wants us to join; I refuse. We decide to follow Daen stealthily. But he easily gives us the slip down an alley way. Ryyk and I decide to wait at a tavern near by so that we lay low as we wait for Odette and Stalbor.

Somehow managing to find us, they join us at the tavern. I got pretty drunk, attempting to deal with the day we’ve had coming to an end, but we all find it best to just go our separate ways and Odette and I will speak to our houses to inform them of the tomfoolery occurring. The next morning I glance at the Korranberg Chronicle and the front page right in front of me headlines; Daen d’Lyander is dead. I work my way back to the tavern to meet the gang each of who have also seen that Daen is gone. We discuss what the best plan of action is, and we come to the conclusion that Stalbor and I will talk to my house and find a way to examine the corpse of Daen. Upon further investigation we find out that Daen was killed with precision by elvish short swords. We’ve got a lead.
Odette and Ryyk head to talk to the prisoners but after much discussion it has become clear that while the Hobgoblins might know something they also aren’t prepared to talk. In ses_3.png fact one of the goblins cut out his own tongue so he couldn’t be coerced into talking. We all meet back up at the tavern to discuss this of course, and come up with a new plan. We decide to find a tavern of Yoses’ house and hope she will reach out to us.

Session 2:
Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap

  • We fought some Gobos.
  • Rescued a Gnome and Woman.
  • Went to confront Daen.
  • Odette won’t climb in a dress.
  • So she got caught by a gaurd.
  • Daen is being sketchy AF.

Today was a day like no other. Today my training has been put to the test. To save my family’s name, to help my comrades, and to neutralize the threat; that was my mission. While I made waste of these goblins I also took damage almost beyond repair. I’ve been knocked out before but not like this. I’ve now felt death knocking on my door step and I’ve realized how grateful I am for my training, as well as for Stalbor for saving my life. Upon waking up and patching myself up the scene of the battle started to come back to me. I am now able to remember it vividly. We waged war on the attackers and making a swift defeat of them, until some of the city guard turned on us. It seems like they were apart of it all along. Right after saving the little girl from a guard I went down. An arrow hit me in the shoulder and the last thing I remember is excruciating pain as a Hobgoblin arm reached around me and I blacked out. They tell me that the leader came out and that Odette took him down with some well placed hits involving magic of some sort, I hope that means she worked her rust off. She speaks as though she is a fighter of great skill and I am a little upset I haven’t gotten to see it.

Upon Stalbor nursing me back to my feet, we came across the women who we were sent to save. A human of house Cannith and a gnome of house Jorasco. We were informed the Gnome was a binder of her house and we wanted some answers as to why this happened to her. We accompanied them to Jorasco’s hospital like house to get these answers. While they were very grateful of our service they didn’t have any answers for us. We then thought of going to confront Daen as to see what he knew about this mission he had tasked us with. Upon going back to the theater we weren’t welcomed into the front door and almost gave up. Just when that happened a boy attempted to steal from Odette and we were in pursuit. As it turns out, he was actually sent to bring us to Daen as some sort of discrete means of communication. Upon getting there Ryyk and I climbed the side of the building up to a balcony in which looked into the room where Daen is staying. Ryyk and I went in to try and talk while Odette and Stalbor were caught by a guard and went back to the front of the building to gain entry. When we told Daen a guard was arriving he started to freak out and kept babbling on about leaving immediately. He began packing and mentioned taking the rail far away. Odette mentioned not trusting this man, and I don’t think any of us really have at this point.

Session 1:
Ch1: Political Theater

voice acting by @Tivalec

Quick Recap:

  • We went to a show.
  • The headliner invited us to meet him backstage.
  • He was a douche canoe.
  • He hired us to do a job we all have a stake in.
  • We get there just as the woman we are to protect starts to be attacked

Mother acquired me a ticket to a show at Pyrohydra Hall. It is one of the best shows I’ve ever had a chance to attend. Upon arrival I found out that I had one of the best seats in the place. Whilst on the second balcony I saw General Gregor who actually knows my family. My brother specifically. He bought me some fine wine and I was on my way. I didn’t need to hear another story about how courageous my brother was. As the show started wonderful performances ensued. There were five total acts, all of which completely spoke of their performers. They all definitely put themselves into these performances and most were very respectable.

After the show we went to meet the acts, all of which seemed very pleasant. Well, all with the exception of Daen Lyrandar. He seemed quite full of himself with his performance. While true to himself, his act was poorly executed. Daen.png
It definitely didn’t resonate well with the crowd. I question his honor. Anyway, he invited a group of us to meet him. A spitfire Orien that seems to hold something against the world. An Elf of which might have been shaken as a baby but he seems to mean well. And a stoic hobgoblin whom I am sure has seen the battlefield many times. Personally after meeting him I wanted to leave, but he informed us of an issue in the city. We were informed a member of the house Cannith was to be attacked by some goblins and my family was to be framed. He offered us gold but I was just quick to help my family. We approached and found the victim of the attack in the knick of time. We are now here to defend her, a task I am willing to lay my life down for.


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