Chapter 1: Political Theatre

Full name to be determined.

Welcome to the Obsidian Portal for this campaign.
The illustrious cast of our game are:

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Why Obsidian Portal?

In this campaign, we’re going to be using Obsidian Portal as a supplement to help better define our characters, help keep track of character details, keep track of pertinent campaign details, and even sneak in a bit more role playing!

Let me define how each tab will help!

If your ever lost, and not sure where it is your trying to go, just come back here to the Front Page!!! This is a veritable directory, use it to guide your experience.

Luka’s Journal:
After each session there will be a journal entry written from Luka’s (WillCallBrewing’s character)) perspective. This is our fun way of doing a session recap and scribe what has transpired. There will sometimes be posts here and there written out of character (that will be marked) as well for adventures that may have happened “off screen”, or to sum up a recent Forum discussion.

All in all, this will remind us where the story started and will help to push us towards the future!

About Eberron:
This is the bread and butter of what Obsidian Portal will offer us! We all know I have a poop.png memory, but this will help us to keep track of those pesky little details, like…

This has 2 uses:

1. It keeps track of the characters as the game progresses. It could even hold onto HP between session, or maybe if the DM slips a little something into your pocket? So both the PCs and viewers know what’s what.

2. It keeps track of all the NPCs that you meet. No more forgetting names, gender, where you met them, and basic details about their personality. No more giving credit to the mayor for being the party’s beneficiary, when it was the dragon of Port Valdiel!

- Wait… what was that dagger that Yosys gave to us? What can it do? YOU NEVER SAID THAT!!!
Yeah, much like the party in Lost Initiative forgetting they had a wand that allows them to find secret doors as they spent 2 session trying to find a secret door… Not only will the players know things, but the viewers will as well. (and maybe prod the PCs from time to time).

This is the part I’m most excited about!!! What is campaign killer for me is the fact that we play only 4 hour sessions (so short!!!). However, I’m going to be using the Forum as a way for you to stay connected with your character, and more over, they’re interaction with the other characters and the world around them!

This is also a way for us to discuss things brought up in chat while playing that should be addressed at a later time. That way chat can be involved, but not directly impact the actual play time of each session.

Well we’ve had issues in the past of people not realizing an event is upcoming. Sometimes a friends is coming in from out of town, or there is a work event, etc. This allows us to schedule accordingly to try and keep all players and viewers in the loop!!

Any thing that I find that’ll be useful, or anything that one of you draw that we can scan in. Maps have many purposes, lets use them to enhance our game!

Eberron: Ch.1 Political Theatre

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